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Grants List Year Ending 12/31/2012


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Environmental Education


Foundation Earth – Sustainability Scorecard – $5,000


Foundation Earth focuses on changing the basic elements of the economic system. The scorecard compares each nation’s environmental and economic policies on a scale with those nations following the best current practices to point out weaknesses and encourage solutions.


660 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., Suite #302, Washington, DC 20003 USA




Immense Possibilities – Southern Oregon Public Television – $5,000


Jeff Golden uses a weekly TV program to highlight social entrepreneurs who are creating vibrant communities and solving challenges that old systems cannot address.


PO Box 1232, Ashland, OR 97520




International Society For Ecology and Culture (ISEC) – Developing local economies – $1,000


ISEC seeks to create a sustainable world by focusing on the root causes of society’s dysfunction, incorporating practices of sustainable cultures and bringing this information to the public in creative ways.


PO Box 9475, Berkeley, CA 94709




Post Carbon Institute – General fund – $3,000


Post Carbon Institute pays leading role in providing research and information assisting the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.


613 4th Street, Suite 208, Santa Rosa, California 95404 USA




Dan Grossman – “Hot Topics” – $3,500


Grossman combines accounts of the effects of climate change on individuals and regions with scientific data to produce programs for broadcast on public radio. The programs are supported by internet documentation.


25 Hawthorn St., Watertown MA 02472




Northwest Earth Institute – Discussion courses on environmental issues – $2,000


Northwest Earth Institute offers (6) 8-week discussion courses ranging from Volunteer Simplicity to Healthy Children – Healthy Planet. This grant supports the expansion of the program and developing a sustainable financial base.


Northwest Earth Institute, 107 SE Washington Street #235, Portland, OR 97214




Mediation Works – $300


Mediation works is dedicated to the premise that “empowering individuals and organizations to resolve their differences peacefully contributes to a healthy and safe community.”


Contact: Mediation Works, 33 N. Central Ave, Ste. 306, Medford, OR 97501-5939




Wilderness/Habitat Preservation


Klamath Siskiyou Wild – $3,500


Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center is an advocate for the forests, wildlife and waters of the Klamath and Rogue River Basins of southwest Oregon and northwest California. KS Wild uses environmental law, science, collaboration, education and grassroots organizing to defend healthy ecosystems and help build sustainable communities.


PO Box 102, Ashland, OR 97520




Tim Palmer – $3,000


The grant supports research and writing of a book “Oregon River Guide” which combines practical information on fishing and river running with background on critical environmental issues.


PO 1286, Port Orford, OR 97465




Western Lands Project – $2,000


Western lands Project analyzes proposals to convert public land to private ownership to insure the preservation of public lands for future generations.


P.O. Box 95545 Seattle, WA 98145-2545




Xerces society – Researching decline of honey bee populations – $2,500


Xerces society focuses on preserving invertebrates and their habitat a key to preserving the entire food chain. The decline of honey bee populations is a critical current focus.


The Xerces Society • 628 NE Broadway Ste 200, Portland OR 97232




The Developing World


Towne and Forrester – Ecological Entrepreneurship Curriculum – $5,000


Town and Forrester works in the rainforest regions of Central and South America to develop sustainable livelihoods. This grant helps bring environmental curriculum to the classroom in the Amazon Basin.


Eliot Logan-Hines, Towne and Forrester, 803 Garner Ave., Austin, TX 78704




EcoViva- environmental conservation work in the Bay of Jiquilisco – $3,500


EcoViva supports grass roots efforts to create more sustainable communities and social justice in rural Cental American communities.


1904 Franklin St. Suite 902, Oakland, CA 94612




Sustainable Harvest International –Planting Trees and food crops – $1,000


The grant supports the work of introducing sustainable forestry practices in rural Central America in conjunction with increasing local food production and improved diet.


Sustainable Harvest International, 779 North Bend Road, Surry, Maine 04684




Solar Cookers International – solar cooking and water purification – $1,000


Simple inexpensive solar cookers and water purification systems provide clean water and the ability to cook food in wood scarce regions of the developing world.


1919 21st Street, Ste 101, Sacramento, CA 95811




Trees Water People – Fruit trees and compost in Haiti – $3,000


In this project TWP moves from Central America to planting fruit trees in Haiti and improving rural sanitation by converting human waste to manure for the trees.


633 Remington St., Fort Collins, CO 80524




Energy and the Environment


Alan Kapuler Ph.D. -Developing new lines of open pollinated food crops – $7,000


Dr. Kapuler, using traditional breeding techniques, is developing new open pollinated varieties of vegetables and grains with the goal of increasing productivity and nutritional value by crossing them with wild varieties.


Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D., 2385 SE. Thompson St., Corvallis, OR 97333


Alternative Energy Research Project – exploring alternative energy sources – $1,211


A project with local talent to produce a working prototype of one or more energy conversion devices to aid in conversion to non-carbon based energy systems.


Whole Systems Foundation, P.O. Box 1917, Jacksonville, OR 97530


Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) – Clean Energy program – $2,000


E-Law trains and supports partners around the world in defending environmental quality in their native countries. E-law is increasing its focus on converting to less carbon intensive energy production.


1877 Garden Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97403




Total grants in 2012 – $54,511