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Grants List Year Ending 12/31/2023

Environmental Education

Foundation Earth – True Cost Accounting – Rethinking Society – $500

Foundation Earth focuses on changing the basic elements of the economic system.  The scorecard compares each nation’s environmental and economic policies on a scale with those nations following the best current practices to point out weaknesses and encourage solutions.

660 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., Suite #302, Washington, DC 20003 USA


Global Footprint Network – Environmental modeling – $500

The heart of their work is the Ecological Footprint. The Footprint measures human demand on nature, expressed as a single, easy-to-understand number that is scalable from an individual to a global level.  The mission is to help end ecological overshoot by making ecological limits central to decision-making.

 426 17th Street, Suite 700, Oakland, CA 94612


Local Futures Society  – Developing local economies – $1,000

Local Futures seeks to create a sustainable world by supporting vibrant local economies that use local resources to supply local needs, on a scale that leads to community involvement and cooperation.

Local Futures/ISEC, PO Box 36, East Hardwick, VT 05836



Off Grid Retreats – Helping people of all backgrounds connect with nature –   $1,000

Off Grid Retreats gives people the opportunity to meditate and reflect in nature as an essential step in healing the fractured relationship with the natural world that is one cause of out current environmental and social crisis.



Oregon League of Conservation Voters – Educating voters with Environmental Scorecard $1000

OLCV sums up the legislative session and grades legislators’ stances on environmental issues. The Environmental Scorecard allows citizens and environmental groups to hold their legislators accountable.



Our Climate – Empowering the next generation to work for environmental justice – $1000

Our Climate empowers young people to advocate for the science-based, equitable and intersectional climate justice policies that build a thriving world. We engage and train youth from affected communities and groups to participate in broad and diverse advocacy coalitions.

1200 18th street NW Ste. 700 Washington DC 20036



Plant Initiative – Respect for plants as a path to preserving the ecosystem – $1,000

Learning to respect plants as as valuable beings on their own terms, and not just as sources of raw materials for human use is a fundamental and essential shift in our consciousness.

P. O. Box 10803,White Bear Lake, MN 55110



Post Carbon Institute – General fund – $1,000

Post Carbon Institute pays leading role in providing research and information assisting the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.

613 4th Street, Suite 208, Santa Rosa, California 95404 USA



Post Growth Institute – Reimagining the economy – $1,000

Post Growth Institute develops and promotes ways to create an economy that does not depend on growth using new business models and social connections. One example is the Offers and Needs Market a simple participatory process which can quickly unearth hidden or latent resources, ideas, connections and match them with those who could benefit from them.

7583 Hwy 66, Ashland, Oregon, 97520


Wilderness/Habitat Preservation

Cultural Survival helping indigenous leaders protect their native lands – $1,500

Cultural Survival envisions a future that respects and honors Indigenous Peoples’ inherent rights and dynamic cultures.  Indigenous people make up less than 5 percent of the world’s population but support 80 percent of its biodiversity.  Supporting indigenous people to protect their land is vital.

2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140



Klamath Siskiyou Wild –   $4,000

Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center is an advocate for the forests, wildlife and waters of the Klamath and Rogue River Basins of southwest Oregon and northwest California. KS Wild uses environmental law, science, collaboration, education and grassroots organizing to defend healthy ecosystems and help build sustainable communities. 

PO Box 102, Ashland, OR 97520 

URL: http://kswild.org/ 


Oregon Wild – Preserving Wilderness Areas in the Northwest – $500

Oregon Wild represents the fish and wildlife, ancient forests, and rich diversity of public lands and landscapes that make this state so special. We work to protect and restore the parts of the natural world that do not have a human voice, while not forgetting that humans are interconnected with nature and its systems.

5825 North Greeley, Portland, OR 97217



Seacology Foundation – Preserving Island Ecosystems worldwide – $1,500

Islands are home to unique plant and animal species–and if they disappear from an island, they are lost to the entire world forever.  A particular focus is mangroves, peatlands and seagrass.

1623 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707



Xerces society – Researching decline of honeybee populations $500

Xerces society focuses on preserving invertebrates and their habitat a key to preserving the entire food chain.  The decline of honey bee populations is a critical current focus.

The Xerces Society • 628 NE Broadway Ste 200, Portland OR 97232


The Developing World

Solar Cookers International – Solar cooking and water purification – $1,000

Simple inexpensive solar cookers and water purification systems provide clean water and the ability to cook food in wood scarce regions of the developing world.

2400 22nd. St. Ste 210, Sacramento, California 95818



SOIL Haiti– Planting Trees, making compost in Haiti – $1,000

SOIL’s mission is to revitalize Haitian agriculture by composting human waste from urban areas and using it to fertilize fruit and other food bearing trees.

124 Church Road, Sherburne NY 13460


Trees Water People – Sustainable farm practices in Gatamala and  El Salvador – $500

TWP supports marginalized communities with programs that include farmer-to-farmer learning exchanges to promote the conservation of local agrobiodiversity, use of heirloom species, and sharing of best practices in forestry and agroforestry. 

633 Remington St., Fort Collins, CO 80524      

URL: http://www.treepeople.org

Energy, The Environment, Food Security

Alan Kapuler Ph.D. -Developing new lines of open pollinated food crops$5,000

Dr. Kapuler, using traditional breeding techniques, is developing new open pollinated varieties of vegetables and grains with the goal of increasing productivity and nutritional value by crossing them with wild varieties.

Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D., 2385 SE. Thompson St., Corvallis, OR 97333


Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) – Clean Energy program  $1,000

E-Law trains and supports partners around the world in defending environmental quality in their native countries.  E-law is increasing its focus on converting to less carbon intensive energy production.

1412 Pearl St., Eugene, OR 97401



San Francisco Zen Center – Upgrade Solar Electric System for Tassahara Zen Center – $4,000

Tassahara retreat center has been working to reduce dependency on diesel generators for several years.  This is the latest major upgrade which should supply 100% of the needed electricity from solar and battery storage.

300 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94102



Total grants in 2022 –  $22,000

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